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  • Executor: Oleg Skripka
  • Title:


  • Type: Shved and Shevalin Songs
  • Genre: Single


The song “Za Khmaramy” by Oleg Skripka, which reveals his unusual role in show business. The young and talented Ilya Shved became the producer of the new project.

In this song there is a touch of pleasant melodic and lyrical atmosphere. Quite unobtrusively: soft and easy.

Oleg Skripka: “The mood of the song is lyrical with shades of loneliness. There is strength and maturity in it. There is a search for a new self and the formation of a new stage in life, the acquisition of new goals – this is some sort of reform. “

The producer of the project Ilya Shved about the release: “Symbiosis of the steep vocals of Oleg Skripka, symphonic orchestra and electronic modern styles. I’m glad that we work together with Oleg and you can evaluate her result with dignity. But the main engine of this track and all my work is love. “

Jury Shevalin, composer: “Together with the whole Ukrainian stage it is very pleasant to work with real professionals. I’m glad to be a part of this project! “.

Music: Ilya Shved, Yury Shevalin
Words: Alyona Samoylenko, Oleg Skripka
Studio: DeBora (creative studio)
Voice recording: Family Records
Release Label: TO DataBase
Special thanks to: Lev Remnev, Sergei Tokarev, TS, Duo inception, Alexander Kalinin (Aklahoma)