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  • Executor: Pizza Group
  • Title:


  • Type: Shved and Shevalin Songs
  • Genre: Cover


Work on this musical composition became the debut for the team CinematicStar and the Pizza Group. An unusual combination of a symphonic orchestra with the melodious voice of Sergei Prikazchikov, a soloist of the Pizza group, will definitely draw your attention.
Cover for the song “The Man from the Mirror”, which brings to your attention Cinematicstar  is more than just a song. It is an irresistible flow of warm and bright feelings, flowing with each note that will stay with you for a long time after listening to this composition.

The Cinematic Cover style is quite common in the world, however, in the territory of the CIS countries the most bright and recognizable of its representatives was the CinematicStar team, who acted as a composer in the cover-version of the song “The Man from the Mirror”.

You remember the team from the sensational feature film “Stone” with Sergei Svetlakov, but the young composers did not even think to stop there.

Quickly and confidently they continue to acquaint you with modern orchestral music and beyond the movies, creating bright, stylish, unusual compositions in which you can see the unique handwriting of Cinematicstar!

We wish you a pleasant listening experience!

Original track: Pizza Group – The Man from the Mirror
Composer: Ilya Shved & Jury Shevalin
Mixed and mastered: Dmitry Yakovlev
Producer: CinematicStar
Design – Anton Lazarenko