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  • Executor: Smash & Morandi
  • Title:


  • Type: Shved and Shevalin Songs
  • Genre: Cover


Dj Smash is one of the most popular disc jockeys on the territory of the CIS countries. In the opinion of Andrei Shirman himself and his audience, as an artist he grew to a European level, as evidenced by the quality of his work as a musician.

Composers Ilya Shved and Jury Shevalin managed to work with many stars of Russian and Ukrainian pop music in a short period of existence of their joint project. These musicians are the first representatives of the current cinematic cover in the CIS countries, which is quite common in the world. The idea of ​​the project is to create new songs, and re-release the old hits of the most popular artists using orchestral music.

Your attention is presented to the new cover-track for the joint song of Dj Smash and Morandi, presented in the new album by Andrey Shirman. This song was identified as the title track of the album, and Ilya Shved & Shevalin gave the new hit a completely different sound by making a cinematic cover. The “orchestral” instruments used in making the composition allow one to look at the work of musicians from the other side, completely changing the very sound of the song. Orchestral music, used in creating a cover, gives the composition its brightness and makes the song unrecognizable. At the same time, all original notes are stored.

Music: Smash
Words: Morandi
Arrangement, orchestration: Jury Shevalin & Ilya Shved
Mixing: Dmitry Yakovlev